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Sunday, October 14, 2012

1/32 Messerschmitt BF-109G6

For this project I started out with an older Hasegawa BF-109G6 set in 1/32 scale. I wanted to put as much detail into this kit as possible. The Hasegawa kit has several aftermarket resin kits available. For the cockpit I chose the True Details Interior kit. This kit worked great and was pretty easy to work with. I went a little bit different route on the instrument panel. I used the kit piece with the decals included. Using decal set and future for the dials, you can get a much better looking panel than can be achieved through dry brushing.

The next and exhausting step was putting in the engine set from Verlinden. This was very challenging. The instructions were pretty hard to understand. I had to do most of the work looking at photos of the engine. For the engine itself, I found one on display at a museum.

Getting the Engine to line up and fit took a ton of work. Adding details to the engine enhanced the look.

In all, this project took eight months longer than expected. I take pride in this build and for most people this is their their favorite of my builds.

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